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Good Afternoon Families

Friday again, what is everyone doing on the weekend? Maybe some finger painting, or make some playdough with your little people, check Pintrist out on line it has some amazing ideas for making your own play dough, finger paints, and loads more fun activities you can share with your family, so much fun!!
Today we were super lucky to have Miss Elizabeth and her beautiful babies from B1 join us on lots of magical adventures. We were all so happy to have new little friends to explore with. We enjoyed books on our activity mat, problem solving and fine motor skills as we stacked colourful rings onto a stick, kicked and rolled balls to each other, and happily joined in together doing actions to some of our favourite songs Baby Shark and Rock A Bye Your Bear.

Cognitive toys also sparked some interest with our little learners as they twisted and turned knobs, pushed buttons and pulled leavers then watching, waiting and listening as things popped up twirled around, lights flashing and music played. All the children loved sharing this experience with their new little friends.

We also loved using our imagination role playing in home corner, pushing the dolls in the strollers, placing them in the cot and giving them a little pat, then picking them up to give them a cuddle, rocking them and saying Shhhhhh They certainly learn from us watching and doing, they are amazing little people.

We have all had an Amazing week and a wonderful day thank you all for making it so special.
Have a great weekend and stay safe.

love Miss Deb, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Shawn xxoo