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Happy Friday Friends

Today our day has been full of wonderful learning experiences. Using sponges and grey paint we squished and squashed the sponges onto the paper which will be turned into cute Koalas to add to our Australia Day themed wall. Some of us had our hands painted to make hand prints for our multi cultural wall, this was a great sensory experience for our little ones as they felt the cool sticky paint on their hands.

Jaxon and Carter enjoyed some socialising in home corner, chatting away to each other. Popping lots of different objects and toys even Mr Jaxon’ s shoe into the toy oven. Anyone for shoe pie!

Isla busied about in the drawer were all our hand puppets are kept, pulling them out passing them to her little friend Birdie. Birdie then began to try them on, getting a little frustrated at times, then turning to an educator for a little help.

Zac and Pip shared their interest in the array of loose part activities on offer. Zac busy with the construction table and wooden blocks, with his very own home made basket construction hard/soft hat on he set to work banging the wooden blocks and pegs. While Pip preferred to chill in her magnificent cardboard box boat, row row rowing, stopping to pick up a book to read on her journey.

Archie and Carter played the musical instruments, making lots of wonderful music. Tinking  away on the xylophone and using the empty containers and boxes for drums. Bells and shakers also made lovely music. Maybe they will be the next band to win Australia’s Got Talent.

Our group time activities was an extension on the interests with the hand puppets, all the children love having them join us for action songs. Today we used our farm animal puppets to help us sing “Old Mac Donald Had A Farm” and our big green crocodile to help us with “Four Cheeky Monkeys” To finish our group time we all sang our transition song that they are becoming very familiar with. As we sing our little learners all hop up smiling as they move towards the door to come inside for morning tea. Well done bubbas!

Our day and week has been absolutely amazing, thank you all for sharing it with us. Have a lovely weekend everyone, and see you all again next week for loads more fun and learning adventures.

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo