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Hello to all our beautiful families

We have all been so active, happy and very adventurous today.

Fun this morning in our great outdoor area were B1 and B2 joined us for a morning play. It was so lovely seeing all the happy little faces turning up with their PJ’s on, all excited to show their friends and educators. Thank you to our Mummy’s and Daddy’s for dressing or keeping their little ones in their PJ’s. The gold coin donation goes to a wonderful cause “ Children In Foster Care” so Thank you ?.

During our outdoor adventures we enjoyed playing with the musical instruments, peek a boo! around the post with lots and lots of giggles. Chasing bubbles, balancing and doing some magnificent tumbles and rolls on our large foam blocks. The weather being super nice we asked the children if they would like morning tea outside, we all agreed with a loud cheer and clapping. First we sang our Good Morning song and said a big hello with a bow to our friends.We then transitioned to the picnic tables one by one as we sang their name and gave each one a high five!!

Our group time activity today was something really special and fun. They waited with so much excitement as the large trays were placed onto the tables, then once their art smocks were on it was time to investigate Blue Goop!!!! All the children loving this wonderful sensory experience, running their fingers through this unusual texture. Some of our little learners recognising the colour blue. Squeals of excitement filled the room as they let the goop run through their fingers and onto their arms and table. Sorry but their hands, face and maybe their hair will be a little blue. Don’t worry though most will come off after a bath as it’s only food colouring and very safe. We promise you won’t have a little Smurf or Avatar forever.

While our room was being cleaned we enjoyed more activities outdoors. Bike, blocks and using coloured pencils the children coloured on sheets of white paper. We hid under the table from our friends, moved the rockers into the circus tent. Watered our plants, moved the rockers back out of the tent and did some yoga. Pulled funny faces at our friends to make them laugh.

Everyone really enjoyed their Alfresco dining experience this morning we decided to enjoy our lunch outside as well. While we dined Miss Deb read us books all about colours. The Rainbow Race, Brown Bears Birthday and Deno The Dinosaurs Colourful spots.


After our nap we all had a little Pyjama party with a cup of warm Milo and marshmallows. We all snuggled up on the mat with our teddies/bunnies and enjoyed our yummy milo as we watched a short story of Peppa Pig.

Next week we will start recognising a new colour Hmmmmmmm!! Which colour will it be??
Have a fantastic afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon for loads more fun adventures.

Enjoy your weekend doing what you love ?

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ?❤️?