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Friday once again. Time certainly flies by when you are having fun!!

Our little ones went on many exciting adventures today. Obstacle  course, balls, rockers and bikes. Sand, puzzles and musical instruments in the outdoor area.

Home corner, blocks and books. Construction table, discovery bottles and drawing during our indoor activities.

We continued on with our colour recognition today. Painting with big fluffy shower loofas and lots and lots of red paint. Some of our little learners a little unsure of the texture of the loofa at first, but after a little encouragement they really enjoyed this fun learning activity.

Today during our group time activities we enjoyed learning  some new  action songs. Dingle  Dangle Scarecrow and All Is Quiet Down In The Box . Everyone really had fun pretending to be a Jack In The Box jumping up out of their pretend box and frightening their friends. We also enjoyed some of our old favourites Row Row Row Your Boat, Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider and If Your Happy And You Know It. Our group time ending with some yoga lessons lead by Zac.

Isla Pip and Birdie shared their interest in the musical instruments. Pip demonstrating many different ways and positions in playing the bongo drums.

Carter and Archie sharing their interest in home corner, practicing for the next Master Chief. Banging and clanging, taste testing, stirring and lots of chatter coming from the little kitchen area as they shared cooking tips

Jaxon was our little puzzle master. Putting on his thinking cap and with a little help from his friend Birdie they shared their interest in the wooden puzzles.

Zac being our master of ball skills kicked the large balls around the outdoor area. Then going for a spin on the bikes with his best buddies Archie and Carter.

We have had an Amazing Day. And our week has been fantastic!!

Have a lovely afternoon and a great weekend!

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️