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Hello and welcome to our Friday and the 1st of May in the Babies 3 room!

We have all had a great day with lots of fun learning activities to explore.
Our day started with some yummy morning tea of yoghurt, banana and sultanas. Once our tummies were full we began our day exploring our indoor environment. Jaxon and Isla moved towards our home corner and busily set about clanging and banging and opening and Shutting all while they happily chatted to each other. Zac and Archie discovered the hats I had placed on the mat for them to explore, placing them on their heads smiling at each other, then picking one up Zac walked over to place one on Isla’s head, Jaxon thought this looked like fun and chose one to wear. With our gorgeous hats on we had a dance party, bopping around to Pump It Up and Baby Shark.

Phew!!! After all that dancing fun we decided to do crayon drawing, I used blu tac to hold the paper firmly to the table and then placed the crayons in the middle for our little learners to choose the colour they preferred. Isla, Jaxon, Zac and Archie moved the crayons along the paper making beautiful patterns, then Archie started to tap the crayons onto the paper making dots and a very load noise which everyone thought was very funny and soon joined in.

Our outdoor area was super exciting with loads more learning activities to explore. We all enjoyed taking it in turns sitting in the boxes and having Miss Deb push us around the outdoor area, singing The Wheels On The Bus as we enjoyed the ride. We were all super excited to try out our balancing skills and spacial awareness as we carefully stepped on the stepping stones, cheering each other on as they went, then with lots of clapping and well done praises they made it to the other side. Balls also were of interest to our little learners today as they kicked them around the yard, then Miss Deb set up the boxes as goals for us to kick the balls into, this was so much fun. Our boxes have bought so much imaginative play and enjoyment over the last couple of weeks. We have used them for buses, cars and trains, beds for our dolls, and sometimes beds for us ? drums and places to just sit and look through books. We have used crayons to draw on our boxes and then we have made them into a tower to knock down, they even made great hats. So much learning enjoyment they have brought us, they have helped to  encourage us to use our imaginations, social skills, fine motor, cause and effect, language skills, role play and gross motor skills.

We have all had an amazing week with loads of fun learning adventures, thank you for joining us. Have a lovely afternoon and a fantastic weekend. See you all again soon.

Miss Deb xxoo ❤️