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Good Afternoon Families

Friday already wow!!

Another beautiful day spent outdoors, exploring, learning and having fun!
Water play being the main enjoyment of the day, all of the babies including Miss Deb becoming very wet. Lots of bubbles, containers, bottles and water filled rubber gloves. The water filled gloves had Zac, Patrick and Jaxon giggling so hard when they slapped the gloves onto the water making the water splash out onto their little faces. My sides were aching from laughter, they were definitely our entertainment for the day. So beautiful hearing them laugh.

Building and moving the large foam blokes around, riding bikes and a little read with their friends on the soft activity mat being just a few of the activities our little learners were involved in.

Pretty coloured play dough was set up on one table and on another we had paper and chunky crayons for them to explore. Some of our bubs loved rolling and squeezing the play dough while others preferred to play with the containers the play dough came in,  Jaxon and Isla both taking the containers for a little walk in the yellow bus trolleys. Zac and Archie tried out their artistic talents with the chunky crayons, choosing the colours and helping each other with their wonderful drawings.

Our learning songs playing in the background as we all enjoyed alfresco dining once again today. While we waited for our lunch we counted all our pretty crayons all the way to 10, some of our little friends repeating the numbers. We then swayed and clapped as we listened to Miss Deb sing the ABC.

We have all had a wonderful day and an amazing week, thank you all for sharing it with us.

Have a lovely afternoon and an awesome weekend everyone , and we will see you all again next week.

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo