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Good Afternoon Families

Well it’s Friday again! We have all had a magnificent day!

This week was Science week so today we were all involved in a magical experiment. Using skittles with lots of bright colours we watched Miss Deb arrange them into a circle on one plate and a messy pattern on another. Everyone watched in anticipation as I poured water onto them. Soon the skittles started to melt from becoming wet. Everyone clapped and cheered as they watched a beautiful rainbow appear before their little eyes. Our little learners began naming all the colours as they flowed across the plate. Some placing their fingers into the colourful water swirling it around watching as the colours mixed together.

Our little learners have been showing lots of interest in buttons, zippers, laces and buckles. Today we offered them a wonderful learning activity using  Montessori activity boards. There were laces, buckles, buttons, clips and zippers for them to explore. Hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and cause and effect all be promoted in this activity.


Enjoy the rest of your afternoon. And have a fantastic weekend everyone!

See you all again next week

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️