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Hello to all our beautiful families

Lots of Aussie adventures in Babies three today , all our little learners arriving dressed in their Aussie outfits or colours, Thanks Mum/Dad.

Today for our art experience we made an amazing nature collage using using leaves, twigs, bark and gum nuts from Australia’s native tree which is the eucalyptus tree. All our little friends enjoying  this sensory experience as we glued and stuck we listened to some Aussie songs. Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees, Waltzing Matilda, We Are One, and Our Australian National Anthem.

We then all enjoyed some free play, self selecting a variety of resources from the shelves and drawers. Some of our little ones enjoyed looking through a big book about Australia with Miss Shafagh, while others giggled as they chased and bounced Aussie balloons around the room.

During our afternoon we all helped Miss Deb make play dough out of hair conditioner and cornflour. We used green and yellow (Aussie Colours ) food colouring to make our play dough look awesome. We all took turns stirring the dough, it smelt so pretty. Once our play dough was ready  everyone busily set to work, they rolled, poked and patted the soft dough with their hands. To extend on from our nature collage  we added the sticks, bark, leaves and gum nuts to the play-dough everyone loved this idea and excitedly reached out picking them up and then placing them into the dough.

For afternoon tea we had a lovely shared picnic with our friends. Thank you to all the mummies who brought in some yummy treats For us. We all really enjoyed them.

Happy Australia Day For Sunday 

Have a lovely long weekend.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo




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