Happy Friday Babies Three Families…

This morning Miss Leesa and the children had fun engaging in ball play as we practiced throwing, catching and bouncing the balls in small groups and in pairs. The children’s ball skills are developing nicely as they become more confident utilising their gross motor skills. The children also had fun engaging in sensory sand play as they role played using the outdoor kitchen – pretending to cook on the stove using the bowls, spoons and sand. Miss Leesa engaged in play as she played make-believe, tyring all the children’s yummy ‘dinner’ creations.

After morning tea, the children made their way to the green mat for Book Time.  Miss Leesa added some more new books to our growing collection including transport/ construction stories, sea animal/ underwater stories and counting books with a dinosaur and princess theme. The children also enjoyed identifying the items in the pictures books and sharing stories with Miss Shafagh. Book Time is one of our favourite times of the day in Babies Three.

Today we continued on with sensory play due to the children’s enjoyment of playdough play yesterday. Today the children helped Miss Leesa prepare the table with all the playdough resources including paddle pop sticks, rollers, animal shape cutters, castle moulds and yellow and green dough. Miss Shafagh collected some flour as the dough was quite sticky today. The children helped roll and knead the flour into the dough so they could manipulate the playdough without it sticking to their fingers. Today the children practiced their fine motor skills by rolling snakes, pushing doughinto the castle moulds, and making fish, dolphin, butterfly, and crabs with the shape cutters. The children proudly showed off their creations to their peers.

Wishing you all a great weekend

Miss Leesa and Miss Shafagh