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Good Afternoon Families

Well it’s Friday again, what a busy fun week we have had!

We spent most of the day outside today playing with the coloured rice in the tuff tray all enjoying the sensory experience it brought. We filled containers and bottles using scoops, cups and spoons. Lachlan and Olivia enjoying the feel of the rice on their legs as they moved their legs back and forwards through it. Olivia scooped some up in her hands and began to let it l Our farm animals and sea creature wooden puzzles was of interest with Oaklyn. Henry enjoyed zooming around the outdoor area on the bikes. Kaya and Oaklyn   Used the pull string bags to collect the blocks, once they had filled their bags they sat together on the soft mat to open the bags, they then tipped all the blocks out and began to build with them, Miss Deb counted the blocks as they stacked them higher and higher 1,2,3. Oh no look out girls here comes Patrick to knock them down, Whoosh! down the blocks fell. Everyone laughed, you are such a funny little trickster Patrick 🤣🤣

It was Patrick, Henry and Kaya’s turn for the gym today. The three little friends happily waved goodbye as they walked hand in hand with Miss Kim and Miss Kate to Tumble Tots. When they returned they ran in excitedly showing us the stamps they got for being so Awesome! The little gymnasts climbed rock walls, learnt to swing on the gymnastics rings, bounced on the mini trampoline and balanced on the squishy spikes stepping stones as they made their way through the obstacle course.

Oakley was being very vocal today, singing songs in Oakley language enjoying the sound of his voice. Blowing lots of raspberries with Miss Deb was very entertaining and very funny. Some tummy time on the mat was enjoyed with his friend Kaya. Kaya was being very kind and shared the toys with her little friend balls, rattles and an interactive book which was his favourite smiling and kicking his legs when the music played and the lights flashed.

We have all had an amazing week and a fantastic day! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces next week.

loads of love and hugs Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo