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Good Afternoon Families

Happy Friday, is everyone excited for the weekend??

We have had a super fun week with loads of learning opportunities. Red has been our colour, all our little learners have enjoyed learning the colour red. We have been involved in red loofa painting, feather collage, red balloon painting with red balloons of course. We painted red lady bugs and made red play dough. Books, transition songs and colour flash cards also being part of our recognition of the colour red.

All our little learners loved helping make the play dough today. Using our counting skills as we measured the ingredients and then everyone having a turn at stirring the sticky gooey dough. We all had so much enjoyment exploring the play dough with red cup cake papers, cookie cutters, cars, trucks and rolling pins. Language skills and social skills being developed through this fun activity. As well as fine motor skills and a great sensory experience for our little explorers.

Today our little friend Isla was super happy and excited to be sharing a basket full of red objects she had helped her Mummy to collect from around their home. We all sat beautifully on the mat as we discovered. blocks, water melon, books, a red shovel, a wooden mushroom a red fluffy strawberry and a very cute turtle  ( Jaxon’s favourite) a red frog which was Archie’s favourite and a red barn. Thank you so much Isla and Isla’s Mummy for sharing all these amazing red treasures with us.

We have all had a wonderful week and a fantastic day.
Have a lovely afternoon everyone and an amazing weekend!

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️