March 27, 2020 General No Comments

Good afternoon families


We have all had a wonderful day full of learning experiences and exploring. We have spent the day outdoor today in fresh air, which was super fun.

We set up the black board and chalk for our little learners to enjoy the drawing and to create their arts. There was a challenging obstacle course for the babies to improve their balancing skills. We built towers with our soft obstacles and children were so eager to wreck them soon after finishing them. children used their hands and eyes coordination to follow bubbles and to pop them.

Our farm animals on the table were so popular. Our little explorers learnt to make animals sounds while we were singing “Old McDonald had a farm”.

Today we had special visitors!!! Our friends from BB1 and 2 came to our room.We shared our toys with them and  had lots of fun.

We have all had a great day with all our friends. See you all again soon

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Shafagh


Written by elcbabies3