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Good Afternoon Families

Today our adventures started in the babies one and two area. IslaCarter, Jaxon happily joining in with their new found friends. Sliding down the slide, crawling along the large foam blocks and having a little peek inside the rooms. Archie wasn’t to sure about his new surroundings and enjoyed some cuddles with Miss Deb

Soon it was time to move back to our room singing on our way The Ants Go Marching our little ones stamping to the song all the way home. Once we were all settled our little explorers moved around the yard starting their daily adventures. Our empty bubble wands being their first choice, they all sit so quietly and with so much patience concentrate on lining the wand up to place into the hole of the tube then quickly pulling it out swishing the wand through the air using their imaginations as they blow imaginary bubbles into the air. Next stop bikes, balls and rockers. Isla and Jaxon are very adventurous now that they have started to walk, pulling themselves up onto the picnic table seats, then with some help to line their bottoms up with the seat they both sit and manipulate the discovery bottles moving them this way and that watching the contents moving around inside. They really enjoyed sharing this interest with each other chatting, sharing and smiling. Lovely communication skills, hand eye coordination and gross motor skills being implemented through this fun activity. Some fun water play today on this beautiful hot day was enjoyed by our little explorers, today we made the water blue like the sea and added baby sharks, dolphins, shells, bottles and containers for them to investigate. Birdie and Pip got right in there Pip climbed into the water splashing around, Archie screamed, giggled and danced with excitement as I poured the cool water into the tub, picking up the watering can both Archie and Zac started to tip water over their heads and maybe some on their friend Carter’s head too, Carter stood up with a squeal and splashed them with the container of water he was holding. We all love water play so much. There are so many amazing benefits children learn through water play.

It increases their ability to concentrate on one activity when presented as a tranquil and repetitive activity (scooping, pouring and running their hands through the water). Gentle water play allows them to unwind, order their thoughts and relax.

It also encourages role play and crucial social skills like cooperation and sharing.

They learn to work with one or several children, to take turns and share the space and accessories with their friends.

Little Isla had her first visit to Tumble Tots today, were she happily explored her new surroundings with her friends Birdie and Pip. Isla swung on the trapeze, slid down slides, rolled and bounced on the big gym ball as well as the little trampoline. Isla had such a great time with Miss Bea and Miss Kate.

Thank you all for an Amazing week babies three families. We hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you all again next week.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo