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Good Afternoon Families

We had some children come dressed for some Halloween 🦇😱🕷👻🎃 fun. Pip and Birdie and Mia 🎃came as very cute Jack O Lanterns. Patrick as a very shimmery colourful dragon🐉 and Isla a pretty little ballerina 🩰

Lots of fun in our outdoor area engaging in beautiful play with their friends. Zac and Archie on the bikes. Isla, Darcy and Nyah played in the haunted house, gathering up dolls, balls and what ever else they could fit into the cubby. Patrick’s interest was in the ball basket, tipping them all out and watching as they rolled across the yard. Patrick would then pick each one up and put it back into the basket just to do it all over again. What a great game!!

During our indoor activities the children chose resources from the shelves. Books, Halloween buckets, multi cultural dolls, blocks and cars. Mia chose the dolls from home corner to play with, placing them in the block trolley Mia pushed them around the room. Birdie also being interested in the dolls, putting them in the cot tucking them in nice and tight. Then sitting in book corner with another doll looking through books, happily chatting away to her doll.

Darcy was in the mood for some dancing, asking Shafagh to play The Wiggles for her. Moving and grooving to the beat,  doing some magnificent  dance moves. Pip, Birdie and Nyah soon joining in on the fun.

Today we were very lucky and very happy that Isla brought another book for us to share. Where The Forest Meets The Sea. It was a beautiful book, all the children sat so nicely as they listened and looked at the pictures. Some of our little friends finding the people, snakes, lizards and birds hiding amongst the trees. Thank you Isla 

Our group time activity today was an extension from our Halloween activities. Coloured spaghetti, utensils and creepy crawling creatures, skulls, eyeballs and more were placed in a big container inviting the children to explore. Sensory, hand eye coordination, colour recognition small muscle control and language skills all being developed through this fun learning and engaging experience.

We have all had a great day and a fantastic week, thank you for sharing it with us.

Enjoy your afternoon and have a magnificent weekend.    Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo