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Hello to all our Babies 3 families

We have all had such a fun learning day with all our friends. Today we welcomed Patrick to our little family, everyone was happy to have a new little friend to explore with. A huge big welcome to Patrick and his family , we just know you’re going to love it here.

Our day started with group time activities, all our little learners sat together on the mat waiting so patiently. We had our hand puppets help us with our songs today Zac being my little helper passed the farm animals to me one at a time as we sang Old Mac Donald, Then Zac making a growling noise like the crocodile excitedly passed me the crocodile puppet, so we sang Five Cheeky Monkeys , and Row Row Row Your Boat.

It was then time for morning tea of yoghurt, banana and melon, with mixed berry jelly Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!
After our morning tea we enjoyed some art activities, happily sitting at the table our little Picasso’s set to work.

We all then explored our indoor area using our sense of agency as our little adventurers moved around the room choosing from the wonderful resources that we had on offer for them.

Zac loved the hand puppets and mystery bags, Carter the stacking cups and balls, Isla busied about collecting objects to put in the lockers and baskets. Patrick rolled the balls along the floor then would quickly crawl after them, Archie loves our loose part resources and ventured happily around the mat his  favourite being the post boxes, busily placing colourful sticks, lids and blocks inside. Patrick was super busy today having his hands and feet painted, and squishing his feet in the colourful paint as he decorated his cover for his art book.

We have all had a super fun day with loads of fun learning experiences,  have a great weekend everyone.

See you all again next week

Loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo