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Babies Three – Friday 5th June 2020

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Hello Families
Welcome to Friday in the Babies 3 room. We have had so much fun both indoors and outdoors today, keeping our doors wide open for our little ones to make their own choice to what area they wanted to explore.

The boys Archie, Carter, Jaxon and Zac choosing some outdoor activities, enjoying the bikes, balls, sand and pushing the cars/trucks and emergency vehicles around the road mat. Archie being in control of the tow truck, hooking the cars onto the truck Archie would then move them to a safe place under the construction table.

Zac continued on from yesterday trying to kick the ball over the fence, Dah Dah!! today he achieved this goal, Zac jumped up and down with delight clapping his hands and saying Yaaaaaaay!!!!! with his friend Carter standing beside him pointing at the ball that was now rolling down the path and saying Uh Oh!!!!! 🤣

Isla being our only girl of our group today joined in with the boys, obstacle  course, sand and balls and bouncing on the bouncing ponies with her friend Zac.

Indoors we used our imaginations as we role played in our little kitchen, Jaxon stirring something delicious on the stove while Carter did the dishes. Carter and Jaxon then ventured over to join Archie all trying on hats ( Baskets and Rings) haha! Funny little guys. Isla was fussing about in the basket of hand puppets, taking everyone of them out then once she had accomplished that she sat happily trying each one on her hand. Zac soon joined his little friend sharing this activity with Isla.

Our group time activity was enjoyed  by all our little learners, Lots of colourful pens and highlighters were placed on the table along with some white paper for our little artists to explore. Fine motor skills being developed as they took the lids off the pens and hand eye coordination as they put them back on. Lots of beautiful colours and patterns were made, with everyone sitting so quietly as they chose the colours and concentrated on their drawings. Lots of language skills and sharing during this fun group activity. Our art activities today has been an extension on our winter theme and the children’s interests with pens and drawing. These magnificent master pieces will be transformed into warm winter hats that will be lovingly added to our winter wonderland.

We have had a wonderful day and an amazing week with all our beautiful babies 🥰

Have a lovely afternoon everyone and enjoy your weekend!!
Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️





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