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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning activities.

Our day started with our morning song, and then a high five and a fist pump it was time to move inside to wash our hands and have our morning tea.
After our tummies were full it was Archie’s turn to go to the gym. While Archie was having some fun in the gym we enjoyed some free play. We love self selecting the toys from the shelves. We chose discovery bottles, cars and trucks, shape sorters and posting boxes. Home corner and book corner also was explored.

Soon it was time for Archie to come back. We all became very excited when we seen paints and paper being placed on the table, we all know what this means. All the children moving towards the table waiting for their art smocks to be put on. Deb squirted two shades of green paint onto the paper, the children were then encouraged to get messy. Using their hands to spread the paint across the paper , some just using a finger others preferring to Pat their hands on it. All of our little friends loved the sensory experience of the cool paint. When our painting is dry it will make a beautiful Christmas tree to be hung in our room.

We spent the afternoon outside singing songs, chasing bubbles, building with the soft foam blocks and playing in the cubby house with our friends. Bikes, balls and rockers also bringing lots of fun and laughter amongst our little friends.

Thank you all for a fantastic week. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo