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Good Afternoon Families

Our Friday has been full of fun learning activities, group time ( books, action songs and dance) cognitive toys, blocks, balls, home corner, bubbles, painting, watching and waving to helicopters as they fly by and going on big adventures with our special friends. Our little learners adventures took them on a big explore in our outdoor area. Carter, Zac and Archie enjoyed the large balls kicking them across the yard then they would all run after them with Zac telling his friends kick! As they got close to the balls. We are all very super proud of Jaxon as he joined his friends in the sand, Jaxon   Seemed to enjoy the feeling of the sand on his feet as he moved them through the sand, with one hand Jaxon scooped the sand up and watched as it trickled through his little fingers. Our little twins played peek a boo in the tent, Birdie giggling so much at her sister Pip when she would run through the door of the tent. Then they both enjoyed cuddling up on the cushions together relaxing looking through books. Boy this playing is hard work! Our littlest members of our babies three family played together in home corner, looking through the cupboards for treasures and showing each other how clever they are at standing all by themselves, well done Isla and Patrick!

Our little ones are so interested and thougherly enjoy painting and are always excited when they see the brushes, art smocks and paint being placed on the table. Because of the children’s interest in painting we extended our Waitangi Day Celebrations and used black and red paint along with thick brushes to decorate a Maori mask. We have all had a wonderful day.

Thank you all for another fantastic week, have a great weekend everyone.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo