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Hello everyone, how was your weekend?

All our little explorers seemed to be happy to be back going on many adventures together with their little friends.

Today we enjoyed finishing our Easter baskets, and hand print fish for Persian New Year. Miss Bea then placed paper and crayons onto the table for them to explore. Annie, Carter, Darcy and Samuel loved choosing the coloured crayons, they tapped and drew some magnificent masterpieces. As they chose the crayons Miss Bea would ask what is this colour friends, she would then say the colour encouraging them to repeat it.

Summer was interested in the posting boxes, collecting the coloured scarves, alphabet blocks, coloured sticks, lids and balls placing them inside and once the containers were full Summer would take the containers to Miss Deb for some help to open the lid, Summer would  then empty the contents out pop the lid on and start again.


Zac and Archie were busy looking after the dolls in home corner, Archie making sure the babies were tucked in nice and cosy in the cot with lots of fluffy blankets while Zac prepared a magnificent picnic on the mat for them to share.

Our little learners have been showing some interest in colours and counting, so at group time we all sat so lovely and watched and listened to two fun books one all about colours and another counting. Most of our little friends enjoyed Repeating the colours and helping to count as we pointed to each animal. Yay!!! Well done guys!

Bikes, blocks , balloons and bubbles. Posting boxes, balls, books, discovery bottles and bags. Stacking cups and rings, dancing and singing. We have had so much fun learning, exploring and discovering so many amazing things. Our activities today have helped to develop many skills, fine motor, gross motor, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, communication skills.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo


Wear a white shirt tomorrow we are having our colour run.

Saint Patrick’s Day too, do you have something green you could wear.