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Good Afternoon Families

We hope everyone enjoyed their very wet weekend. Today our babies were super busy and going on many adventures.

Darcy, Summer, Annie and Carter enjoyed the ball pit, picking up the balls then showing it to Miss Deb , Miss Deb would then say the colour and ask our little learners to say what colour the ball was, we would then all cheer and clap excitedly.

Saylor and Samuel explored the loose part mat, observing all the objects in the baskets and boxes. Saylor thought the basket made a great hat, tipping all the contents out and placing the basket on her head smiling at her friends. Samuel thought it was super funny giggling at Saylor. Samuel was very interested in the jars looking at each one and the objects inside.

Zac and Archie went on many adventures together today. First stop the sand were they raked, dug and filled all the containers, next was the bikes zooming around the outdoor area dodging obstacles on their way. Balls, bubbles and hiding from each other in the tent.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun, friends and lots of learning experiences.

Thank you for coming, see you all again soon.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo