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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome back to a new week with all our beautiful babies 3. I hope all you beautiful Mummies were spoilt yesterday for Mothers Day, and enjoyed lots of quality family time.

A busy morning in our magnificent outdoor area riding bikes, exploring with the recycled boxes, engaging in play with their friends as they threw, kicked and rolled the balls around. Bubbles once again being our little learners most enjoyable interest as they ran around catching and popping them as the bubbles  floated freely around the outside area. Building with our large foam blocks, stretching so high as they helped each other place the blocks on to another, then with a big count to 3, 1,2,3 our little friends would knock them to the ground, jumping up and down squealing with excitement as the blocks tumbled to the ground. Gross motor, hand eye coordination, social and language skills all being developed during our outdoor activities.

Soon it was time to move indoors were we continued on with our adventures. Reading books and home corner were very popular with our little learners as they shared their favourite books with their friends and Clattered away in the their little kitchen, busily preparing food for their friends and educators, language and social being developed through this wonderful role playing experience. Discovery bottles and posting boxes also sparked interest amongst our little adventurers, posting the colourful sticks in the containers, Miss Deb would ask our little learners what colour each stick was then they would repeat the colour of each stick as they posted them. What a fun way to develop our hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and colour recognition.
During group time today we sang the ABC, The Ants Go Marching and Heads and Shoulders Knees and Toes. We also enjoyed listening to a beautiful story called My Mummy Loves Me.

We have all had a wonderful day, full of many learning experiences

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, we will see you all again soon.

Love Miss  Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo

Just a quick reminder now that’s it’s starting to get cooler please provide jumpers/jackets and shoes and socks for your little ones. Also please don’t forget to provide a fitted cot sheet. Thank you. ?