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Good Afternoon Families

How was your weekend? We hope you all spent sometime relaxing and enjoying this wonderful weather.

We had two special Birthdays to celebrate last week 🎁🎉🎂Annie and Summer both turned a big 2 on Friday. Happiest of Birthdays girls 🥳🥳🎈🎈

Summer and her Mummy brought some beautiful rainbow cup cakes in to celebrate Summer’s birthday!! 🎉 Thank you!!

All Summer’s friends sang Happy Birthday to Summer and watched with excitement as she blew out the candles. With three loud Hip Hip Hoorays!!! It was then time for caaaaake!!!!

Today in babies three we continued on with our Christmas activities. Today we were encouraged as a group to paint Santa’s toy sack to go in his sleigh. All the children loved this experience, language skills being developed as they talked to their friends about the colour of the paint and the texture of the pot scrubbers and dish mops they were using to spread the green paint onto the paper.
Shape sorters, home corner, cars, trucks, posting boxes  and trolleys being of interest during our indoor activities this morning.
The children chose the songs they wanted to sing this morning during our group time activity. “ ABC” “ Row Row Row Your Boat” “Five Cheeky Monkeys  Jumping On The Bed”.

We had so much fun dancing to Christmas songs today. I offered the children pretty ribbons and scarves to wave through the air as they danced. This was a wonderful experience as they watched the ribbons float through the air as they moved their arms to the music.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon

Have a great afternoon everyone

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo