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Welcome back to another fun week of fun learning adventures. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Our little learners have been super happy and very busy today as they set off on grand adventures together.

Zac and Annie shared their enjoyment in the sand, digging, scooping and helping each other to fill their little buckets. Archie and Carter zoomed around the outdoor area with their wooden wagons, collecting treasures on the way filling their trolleys with all sorts of wonderful things.  Saylor has been very adventurous today building her  gross motor skills as she found her own way onto the little bikes and with a little help from Miss Deb we rode around many obstacles in our outdoor area. Saylor was also excited to show her friends how well she can stand unsupported on the squishy foam blocks, we all clapped our hands and cheered at her accomplishment. Summer enjoyed a game of peek a boo with Miss Deb peeking out from behind the post giggling then running for a cuddle. Summer also enjoyed some quiet  time looking through some books and a snuggle on a comfy cushion. After a little rest Summer then joined her little friends on the large foam obstacle course. Darcy has enjoyed many adventures today, obstacle course, chasing bubbles, stacking cups and her favourite dancing to Rock A By Your Bear and The Big Red Car. Darcy is definitely a Wiggles fan.

Other activities enjoyed today was home corner, circus tent, balls and blocks.

Our story today was My Daddy Loves Me all the bubbas sat so nicely listening to the story as they enjoyed a cool drink of water.

We have all had a wonderful day full of giggles and learning fun. All while we strengthen our Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social and Language Skills.

See you al, again soon, have a fantastic afternoon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo