Good Afternoon Families

Welcome to a new week!! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend! All our little friends have had such a wonderful day.
This morning we all enjoyed being involved in an Australia Day painting activity. Thick brushes were used with red and blue paint, some of our little learners preferring to use their hands and fingers to move the paint over the white paper others happy to use the brushes dabbing and splodging the paint, creating our Australian flag? Our little artists  beautiful art work will be displayed for us to enjoy and to help us recognise and celebrate Australia Day which is held on the 26th of January each year.

Musical instruments were set out for the children to explore during their free play. Our little friends were very excited as they all chose an instrument to play. Loads of fun during this wonderful learning experience. Giving your little ones an opportunity to play an instrument also helps build fine motor skills. Experimenting with musical instruments promotes physical development in a variety of ways. Sensory development, hand eye coordination, teaches patience and perseverance and accelerates brain development. Home corner, discovery bags and blocks also being explored during our indoor activities.

Outdoors today our little friends loved exploring the large foam blocks, balls and bikes. Tummy time on the activity mat with a variety of sensory and cognitive toys for our littlest learners to explore.

Our group time today was filled with singing and learning actions to some of our favourite songs. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider and If Your Happy and You Know It. Our little friends are becoming very familiar with our songs and become very excited at group time clapping along.

Thank you all for a great day, have a lovely afternoon everyone!
See you again soon 💜

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo