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Good Afternoon Families

Hello and welcome back for another amazing week in our beautiful babies 3 room. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Today is the first day of winter and we have some fun learning experiences for our little learners during the week to acknowledge the  season.

Our little explorers enjoyed spending the morning in our outdoor area, engaging in play with their friends. Summer loving the balls throwing them into the air then clapping when the ball bounced around the yard. Summer then found the huge gymnastic ball and began banging her hands down on it Using it for a drum.

Samuel shared Summers interest in the balls and happily joined in rolling them along the ground. Samuel then moved onto the stepping stones, finding his balance he moved along on his bottom from one to another till he made it all the way to the end.

Loads of fun in the sand today moving it around with the rakes and using the shovel to fill the buckets. Zac happily filled his bucket with sand and then placed the bucket onto the handle of his bike, he waved good bye and said bye Zac to Miss Deb then off he rode.

Archie was very busy collecting all the cars, trucks and emergency vehicles, then placing them in a line on the foam blocks. Archie then moved all the vehicles to the tables were all the books were and made a garage for them out of books, so clever Archie!!

Rockers, tent, bubbles, discovery bags and shape sorters also  being of interest with our little explorers during their outdoor adventures.

During our indoor activities we enjoyed dancing and doing our action songs with so much excitement. Home corner was a busy place like always as all our little ones enjoyed cooking at the little kitchen stove and taking care of the babies.

Saylor was certainly kept busy with the babies as she chose to take care of two of them. Placing them together in the cot for a sleep tucking them in with a nice cosy blanket, no wait Saylor thinks they should eat first, fussing about Saylor places one in the high chair and one in the activity bouncer. What a busy little mum she is.

Annie found a new little friend today, our green wooden caterpillar went on many adventures with her. They rolled around in the sand, Mr Caterpillar was hidden amongst the books, then in the baskets. Annie chatted to the caterpillar as they looked through books together in book corner. What a sweet little friendship.

Our little ones certainly enjoyed the new winter menu today, with everyone eating so well. Yogurt with fresh fruit salad Topped with crunchy Cranola and a drizzle of raw honey and crackers for morning tea was very delicious as they sat so quietly eating even asking for seconds. Lunch was definitely a hit with everyone as well as they gobbled down two servings each of home made Vege lentil and ricotta rolls served with home made tomato sauce and salad from the salad bar. Afternoon  tea was yummy organic carrot cake with a selection of seasonal fruit.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning adventures.

Have a great afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon.

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️