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Good Afternoon Families

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, and are well rested and excited for a new week.

Our morning started off in B1 and B 2’s outdoor area where we all explored the activities that were on offer. Annie and Zac had so many giggles with each other both sharing the same interest together using their gross motor skills as they climbed the stairs to the slide then quickly slid to the bottom Weee!  clapping their hands, cheering each other on. Darcy’s interests were the dolls and strollers, placing the baby doll into the stroller Darcy set off on a little stroll around the yard, stopping sometimes for a little gossip with her friends.

Soon it was time to have our morning tea, so with a big Thank you, a smile and a wave goodbye to our neighbours we began to walk back to our room singing The Ants Go Marching all the way back home.


After our yummy morning tea we enjoyed exploring our room together while Miss Deb prepared our art experience for today. Zac was interested in the cognitive toys using his fine motor skills twisting and turning the knobs. Annie and Darcy chose to try all the hats on themselves and their friends. Summer was happy sitting at the table looking through our beautiful new books.


Today our art experience was focused on Earth Day 2020 which is celebrated every year on the 22 nd of April. Paper plates, thick brushes and green and blue paint was used for our little learners to paint their ideas of our earth ? They all loved this activity and wanted to do more, we will extend on this with doing a large group painting by painting their hands green and blue and then having them place their hands onto the paper, representing our love for our magnificent world, we are all in this together so let’s look after our home.

Loads of fun activities were set up for our little explorers to investigate in our outdoor area also. Books, bikes, large foam blocks, rockers, balls and home corner all helping our babies to learn in a fun way. Gross motor skills, spatial awareness, problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, social skills, language skills and lots of fun role playing Amazing!!!!!!

We have all had a wonderful day with lots of fun learning adventures.

Have a great afternoon everyone and we will see you all again soon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo