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Hello and welcome back, for another great week of learning fun!

How was your weekend!

A day of outdoor activities, fun and adventures was an enjoyable experience for our little learners.

Alfresco dining at it finest was enjoyed by our little learners as they ate their delicious and nutritious meals in our outdoor area, joined by our little bird friend for some entertainment. All the children watched and waited in anticipation for the bird to flutter down and pick up any crumbs that were dropped. All the children loved the view as they ate, feeling the breeze on their little faces and the trees swaying in the wind, and a little bit of socialising as they waved and said hello to the people and cars passing by.

Crayon drawing was enjoyed by Annie and Archie as well as bikes and building with the large foam blocks. Summer and Samuel enjoyed watching the bubbles float in the wind up and over the houses nearby, Summer with a concerned look on her face waved goodbye to them. Samuel  has been super clever today showing all his friends how he can walk, with big smiles on his face as we clapped and cheered at his awesome new found skill. Well done!! Zac  was happy chilling with some books on our soft activity mat soon joined by Annie and Archie. So cute watching them interact with one another as they turned the pages, and gabbled about the pictures as they pointed to each one, then swapping books with each other (sometimes not agreeing with this one) soon it is sorted and they get back to their happy place looking at the books together.

Action songs, lots of dancing and using our gross motor skills as we wiggled and jumped around to the music. Dinosaurs and large foam blocks were other  fun activity’s that were  set up for them to explore. Using their imagination and creative skills they managed to balance the foam block shapes on top of each other then watch them tumble down when they became wobbly, with all of our little learners squealing, laughing and clapping with excitement as the blocks tumbled down.

At our group time activity today we sang our hand washing song and practised washing our hands. Before our lunch we all lined up to wash our hands Like we practised ( with a little help) using lots of soap and water singing our song as we wash our hands ready to eat. We then dried our hands with paper towels. Well done everyone!!

Archie and Annie went on a big adventure to Tumble Tots today. Miss Bea and Miss Kate were super proud of us as we joined in with other friends and had so much fun. Balance beams, counting, climbing the big wooden ladder, bouncing on the mini trampoline, and swinging on the rope. Yaaay!

We have all had a wonderful day, thank you for coming.

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo