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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome back to another amazing week of  fun learning adventures. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Its raining it’s pouring we sing to the little ones as we watch the rain tumble down Zac, Annie and Archie reaching through the fence enjoying the water dripping  onto their hands.

Our three little Musketeers Zac, Annie and Archie enjoyed each other’s company in our outdoor area, exploring, chatting and going on many adventures together. Balancing the wooden trolleys on the large foam blocks scooting down the slopey block then a lap around the yard , the three of them giggling with excitement. Emptying the bucket of balls was very entertaining as they threw them in the air, smiling when they landed on their heads.

Our group time was centred around stories and songs about rain and rainbows. Everyone enjoyed using their fingers as the rain pitter  pattering down and clapping their hands for the thunder as we all sang   I Hear Thunder ☔️., Incy Wincy Spider ? and I Can Sing A Rainbow ? also was very interesting as we used the coloured balls for the colours of the rainbow, the bubbas passing them to us as we sang. Darcy danced and did the actions to Rock A Bye Your Bear, and Miss Polly Had A Dolly soon joined by her friends Annie and Archie.

Samuel and Carter busied about on our activity mat, sharing their interests in the posting boxes, connector blocks and construction table.

In our outdoor area Samuel also enjoyed exploring with the  stacking cups, ball pit and activity walker. Holding hands with Miss Bea Samuel happily practiced his walking too. What a clever boy! Carter also showing his friends how he can balance on the soft foam blocks.

Loads of learning experiences today including using our gross motor skills to push, pull, throw and climb. Sensory as we felt the rain on our hands, and sand between our toes as we played in the sand. Social and language development by listening to stories and songs. Role play as we talked on the play phone and cooked for each other in our little kitchen area.

We have had a wonderful day with all our little friends, enjoying and sharing our learning adventures together.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo