Happy Monday Babies Three Families…

This morning the children gathered around Miss Shafagh again to observe our radish and water cress plants. The children noticed the plants getting taller and greener as they grew even more over the weekend. The children said the plants ‘are big’. The children touched the plants and observed that they felt soft to touch. The children helped water the plants with our purple watering can and then placed them in the sun for the day. This morning the children collected the picnic rug and we all sat and enjoyed singing rhymes with actions with Miss Shafagh and Miss Leesa as we practiced ‘counting songs’ including 5 Cheeky Monkeys and 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive.

After morning tea, the children made their way to the green mat for Book Time.  Miss Leesa added ‘Counting picture books’ to the stories on the mat as the children chose their favourite book to read and share. The children also chose other books from the shelf that were of their interest including the transport and animal books.

While the children were busy with books, Miss Shafagh prepared the table with our sensory painting experience for today. Miss Shafagh covered the table with large pieces of paper and the children gathered to put on painting aprons. The children helped identify the colours blue, green and yellow as Miss Shafagh created patterns all over the paper and the children carefully observed. Miss Leesa then demonstrated how to spread the paint on the paper and mix the colours with her fingers and the children soon responded by copying and enjoying the sensory ‘finger painting’ experience.

Wishing you all a great evening

Miss Leesa and Miss Shafagh