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Hello to all our beautiful families!
Welcome back to another exciting week here in Babies Three. How was your weekend?

Loads of adventures outdoors this morning with all our little explorers enjoying each other’s company. Bikes, balls and trolleys as well as cognitive toys and animal connector blocks being some of their interests.
Group time singing doing the actions to If Your Happy And You Know It, Open Shut Them and Heads And Shoulders always such a happy time as they all mimic the actions. Our little learners become very excited when it’s time to sing our transition song for us to move inside for morning tea. Everyone waiting patiently to hear their name, and a big high five to Miss Deb as we transition inside one by one.

Our indoor activities were also enjoyed, with our little explorers having the choice to chose an activity. Home corner, books, discovery bottles and dinosaurs being some of their interests.

For our art experience today we had a fantastic and most enjoyable sensory, fine Motor, Language and social experience. Our little friends have been very interested in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty reenacting Humpty Sitting on the wall the children sit on the large foam blocks ( wall ). As we sing all fall down they tumble off the blocks giggling. To extend onto this activity today we used bandaids to stick onto Humpty Dumpty templates. Archie being very cute thought Saylor needed the bandaid more than Humpty did and stuck one onto his friends arm. All our little ones  thougherly enjoyed this sticky experience.

We have all had an amazing day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.
Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️

Tomorrow we will continue on with our colour recognition of the colour red. We will be involved in a fun sensory activity involving red jelly. ?