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Welcome to another wonderful week of fun learning adventures!

How was your weekend?? What did you do? Please feel free to write in our communication book on the table near the front entry. We love hearing about your adventures, and talking to your little ones about it

Art Therapy lesson first up to begin our learning experiences for the week. We are always super excited to see Miss V and Miss K knowing that they will have another magnificent learning experience for us to explore. First Miss K read us a book called Giraffes Can’t Dance. This week we used a variety of coloured paint of yellow, brown and orange . A large box was placed on the table along with the paint and thick brushes. Paint shirts on and we were all ready to begin. We reached up very high to paint the very top of the box, as high as the giraffe in our story. Then down low. All while we danced and jigged about to some very happy back ground music. We jigged and moved our bodies just like the animals in the book did. We all really loved this activity.  This activity was all about our Proprioceptive System ( movement between muscles and joints which involved stretching, reaching and bending in different heights and directions) Extending on from this learning experience we will use animal stickers as well as animals we have found in some recycled  magazines to decorate our box. Also some new action songs to get our joints and muscles moving some more.
We used our imaginations in home corner cooking for our friends and educators. Some quiet time in book corner looking through books of our choice. Blocks also being of interest as we stacked, counted and recognised the colours of each block.
We have all had the best day. Have a lovely afternoon everyone And we look forward to seeing your beautiful happy little faces again soon

love  Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo