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Good Afternoon Families

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are excited for the new  week to begin.

Our day started with some of our little friends going to Tumble Tots. Darcy wasn’t that interested today and chose to stay and make some yummy treats in home corner for her friends when they returned. Super proud of Archie joining in today, holding hands with Annie and Miss Deb we sang Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Tumble Tots we go walking happily towards the gym. After showing Archie around he was happy to move around the area with Annie, jumping into the foam pit was super fun, hula hoops and mini trampoline. Annie was super excited having her friend there to share all the fun experiences.

Back in our room our little learners stacked the stacking cups, Zac was very clever at counting them 1,2,3, then Listening as Miss Deb said the colours repeating and pointing to each one as we said them. Chasing bubbles trying to catch them, following their friends on big adventures around the outdoor area up and over the obstacle course, into the circus tent, kicking balls and scooting around on the bikes.

Saylor enjoyed some solitude in the ball pit, rolling around amongst them. The tent also being a favourite of Saylors today all cosy with cushions and a book.

Our day continued on indoors  with Samuel and Saylor enjoying a chat on the play phones. Carter  busied about in the little kitchen fixing treats for his friends while Summer chilled near by flicking through a book.

We have all had a fantastic day with a variety of learning experiences.

See you all again soon, have a lovely afternoon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo