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Hello to all our beautiful families!

Welcome back for another fun week of learning adventures. We hope you all had a tremendous weekend.

Our week started off with a new colour, Blue. Over the next few weeks we will be involved in a variety of learning experiences all involving the colour blue. During our journey recognising this wonderful colour we will plan our days incorporating the colour blue into our interests and learning environment. We will use our fine motor skills, pincer grip, language Skills and sensory experiences as we learn through art, books and songs.

Today we really enjoyed our group time art experience. We used a variety of different textured brushes to decorate a square piece of cardboard which was covered in alfoil. We used our hands to spread the blue paint onto the alfoil enjoying the feel of the cool paint on our fingers and hands. Then listening to the noise the alfoil made as we dabbed the brushes onto it.

Our little adventurers had so much energy today, and so very happy.

Our outdoor activities included our little friends favourite  gross motor activities, bikes, obstacle course and the bouncing ponies. Tent, balls and building with the alphabet blocks also enjoyed.

We have all had an amazing day. See you all again soon.

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??