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Good Afternoon Families 😀

Welcome to a new week of learning adventures, we have so many exciting experiences planned. How was your weekend? What did you do? Please share your adventures with us, we love to hear of the fun times you have as a family, we can also extend on with your adventures here at kindy through books, art and learning experiences. We have a communication book on display for you to write in and share with us your adventures Please share!
Today we enjoyed dressing up in different hats and sunglasses during our outdoor activities. All the children loved this role play activity. Dressup encourages creative thinking and communication skills. It also helps  children practice language development and their social skills. Playing with another child or adult requires teamwork, cooperation, and sharing. The act of putting on and taking off costumes or outfits also has physical benefits. The children were also involved in a colour sorting activity, we placed pom poms and egg cartons on the soft mat and outdoor table for them to explore the colours and textures. When they chose a Pom Pom we would ask them, what colour is the Pom Pom can you find the same colour Pom Pom and place them into the egg carton for me. The children were then encouraged to repeat what that particular Pom poms colour was by practice their language skills. During this activity the children’s fine motor, communication, social kills, hand eye coordination and colour recognition was being developed. Other activities enjoyed during our outdoor adventures were bikes, balls and practicing our balancing skills and spacial awareness  as  they carefully walked along the stepping stones.

Our little learners are becoming very familiar with our transition songs from outside to inside as the weeks have been going by. We start to clap our hands singing Everybody over here, over here, over here it’s time to go inside. All our little friends stop playing and excitedly move towards the door, they all then give Miss Deb/ Miss Shafagh a high five before they move inside to wash their babies hands to have something to eat or go on more adventures indoors with their friends.

Today for group time we all enjoyed listening to Henry’s favourite book called Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See! This is a wonderful interactive book with all the children loving being involved in, by taking turns in lifting the flaps to see what Brown bear saw. As well as the book helping with their colour recognition and language development. On Friday we will extend on this wonderful book by doing an art activity making a fish which is Henry’s favourite.

Other activities the children were involved in during indoor play was some of our little friends finishing their Easter bonnets using bright coloured paint, glue, feathers and Easter stickers, wow they look Amazing! Home corner was very busy today with lots of role play as they took care of their babies and cooked up a storm in the little kitchen. Our sensory baskets also being explored, sharing the experience with their friends feeling the variety of textures. Soft fluffy cotton wool balls, rough pot scrubbers, crinkly crepe paper and tickly feathers.

Our day has been full of so many adventures and fun learning experiences. Have a great afternoon  everyone! See you all again soon.

Loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo