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Good Afternoon Families

Today is Ruok day Please make time to check in on  your family and friends A visit a phone call or a hey mate do you need to talk or  I love you. Be kind and let them know you care!!

Our day started in our outdoor area building with the large foam blocks, bikes, balls and climbing up, over, along and through our amazing obstical course helping us learn about spacial awareness, turn taking, patience and balance. Our little learners also practised taking it in turn climbing and then jumping off the our large green frog, with a high five and a cheer when they accomplished this fun daring feat.

Today during our group time activities we enjoyed singing about the weather Pitter Patter Rain Drops, Incy Wincy Spider, It’s Raining It’s Pouring and I Hear Thunder. As the children were so interested in the rain ☔️ and our rainy day songs we extended on with a hands on experience. Four clear containers filled with water some fluffy shaving foam clouds were then squirted on top of the water. Now the fun part 🤗 We used food colouring for the rain 🌧 squeezing a variety of colours into each foam filled container. Soon the magic started to happen. Pretty rain drops started to fall through the fluffy clouds. Everyone gasped, cheered and clapped as the water changed colour. We all then had turns at touching the foam and then using a spoon they mixed the water around making a very colourful tornado. Colour recognition, cause and effect, sensory, language development and social skills being promoted through this fun engaging learning activity.

During our transition for lunch we sat on our fluffy mat and looked at pictures of clouds and rain and people under umbrellas trying to stay dry. We then had fun with our colour flash cards. Children recognising the colour on the card and looking around the room to see if they were able to find the colour anywhere then we wash our hands before we sit at the table for our lunch.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ☔️🌧🌈