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Hello and welcome to a little snippet of our day’s adventures ?

Our day started in our outdoor area were all our little friends enjoyed sharing their learning experiences with each other. There was lots of beautiful sharing amongst our little learners today.
Zac and Jaxon sharing their interest in the wooden animal puzzles. Hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and social engagement was developed during this activity.

Carter, Matilda and Annie shared their love of the rockers. Huge big smiles on their little faces as they rocked back and forth. Requesting Miss Deb to repeatedly Sing Row Row Row Your Boat as they rocked together.

Birdie, Pip and Isla joined together as they took their teddies for walks in the strollers. Strengthening their gross motor skills as they all climbed the large foam blocks obstacle course, and kicked the balls around to their friends.

Today we continued on our learning adventure all about cold, winter, and  snow. Our little learners have been showing lots of interest in animals that live in the Icey cold Parts of the world. Extending on with their interest today we were all involved in a collage activity. Polar bear templates were Placed on the table along with glue and fluffy cotton wool balls. The children were super excited to start. Lots of sticky glue was applied with a thick brush, then they were encouraged to place the cotton balls onto the glue. Some a little hesitant at first not really liking the texture of the cotton balls. With a little encouragement they placed them on their bear. Sometimes this proved to be a problem as the cotton balls didn’t want to leave their sticky gluey hands no matter how hard they shook them ?? This activity was a great sensory experience, hand eye coordination and fine motor development.
Books, songs, trolleys, bouncing ponies and multi cultural dolls also being explored throughout the day.

We have all had such a fun, happy day. Thank you for joining us.

Have a great afternoon everyone, see you all again soon.

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️