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Good Afternoon Families

Its raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring, I hear Thunder, Incy Wincy Spider and lots more rainy day songs being sung today. The children also loved watching the birds sitting on the fence trying to get out of the rain. The birds even sang to us. Dress ups in our outdoor area today brought  us lots of fun and laughter as our little friends tried on the Bunnings hats, scarves and Hawaiian leis. Lots of walking practice with our little friends that are finding their feet, to encourage their new found skill we offered them wooden trolleys, and activity walkers to help them gain their balance and confidence as they begin to walk. Farm and jungle animals were on offer for some dramatic play, as the children mimicked the noises of each animal. Extending on with their interest in the animals we sang Old Mac Donald Had A Farm.

Today the children were involved in making a very pretty Easter Card for their family. Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and colour recognition being promoted as well as language development. The little artists were very excited to start, art smocks on and they were ready to begin. Choosing the colours was super exciting, some chose to paint the card with the thick brush while some enjoyed using their hands. As they painted we spoke about the colours they were using and the texture of the paint and how their mummies and daddies were going to love the card they were making for them.

During our indoor play today the children were involved in some dramatic play in home corner, some amazing role play as they washed the dishes in the little kitchen sink, cooked on the stove, and made a pot of tea. The baby dolls were well looked after too, making sure they had lots of cuddles and they were warm and snuggly in the cot lovingly placing a blanket over the babies and then giving them a little Pat 🥰🥰

Group time today we read all about a very colourful dinosaur and her irresistible spots. Our little learners sat very still as they listened to the story. When the book was finished we all pretended to be dinosaurs and stomped our feet like a dinosaur all the way to the table were their lunch was waiting for them.

We have all had the best day and went on so many fun adventures with our friends. See you all again soon! Have a great afternoon everyone!

love always Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo