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Good Afternoon Families

We have come to the end of another wonderful week in our beautiful babies three room. We have all been on so many amazing learning adventures with our friends.

Today we continued on with our colour recognition journey. As the babies have been interested in the book called Where Is The Green Sheep? and we are learning the colour green, we extended on with this creating our own green sheep. Helping to develop our fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and sensory awareness we set to work. Using a thick brush and lots of glue we covered our sheep, next some green fluffy wool to keep our sheep warm. Everyone really enjoyed this  fun activity.

Building high towers with the alphabet blocks, counting them and recognising the colour of each block. Bikes, balls and lots and lots of fun in the sand.

We continued on with our adventures during our indoor activities. Home corner, books, connector blocks and singing and doing actions to some of  our familiar songs. Open Shut Them, If Your Happy And You Know It, Baa Baa Green Sheep and Five Little Ducks.

Thank you all for an awesome week, see you soon.

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone. Stay safe.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ???❤️?