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Good Afternoon Families

Today we were all super excited to be welcoming our new little friend Oakley to our babies three family, Oakley had a marvellous time getting to know his friends. Oakley’s friends happily shared their toys with him and showed him how much fun it is here. Oakley’s favourite place to be was the activity bouncer, he enjoyed watching his friends play around him as he too enjoyed the lights, sounds, buttons and leavers on the activity bouncer. Welcome Oakley we just know you are going to love it here.

We all enjoyed lots of fun adventures during our outdoor expeditions today. Large soft foam blocks were set up as a tunnel for us to climb through. Bikes for us to ride and lots and lots of balls for us to roll, kick and throw. Stacking rings and bead mazes were enjoyed amongst the children as they happily shared these fun fine motor/ problem solving activities.

During our indoor activities we  continued on with our footprints and hand tracing activities. Blocks, discovery bottles and books also being explored.
At group today our little learners enjoyed action songs and nursery rhymes. The older bubs joined in doing the actions to some of the more familiar songs. “ If Your Happy And You Know It” “ Open Shut Them” “ Incy Wincy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

We have all had a wonderful day, full of fun learning experiences

Have a great afternoon everyone! See you again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo