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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a magnificent day, interacting and going on many adventures with our friends.

We made play dough together during our morning session. We all love to help add the ingredients and stir the mixture. Today we chose Halloween colours of orange, purple and green food colouring for our play dough. This was a great cause and affect activity as we watched the dough change colour as we put drops of colour into the dough. We then used our hands to mix it through.

We all then enjoyed some free play, moving around the room the children used their sense of agency to choose an activity from the shelves. Matilda and Isla chose to look through our treasure basket, finding lots of fun objects. Lachlan and Kira rolled around on the soft activity mat sharing their interest in the coloured scarves and sensory blocks. Birdie enjoyed a moment of solitude in book corner all snuggled up on the pillow cuddled up with the multi cultural dolls. Zac busied about in our construction area using blocks to make a road. Once he had finished he began to push the cars along them. Pip and Saylor fussed about in home corner, multi tasking as they cooked, cleaned and fussed over the dolls. Annie also chose to explore the home corner area, preferring that she got to sit in the cot instead of the babies.

Our outdoor adventures had us riding bikes, kicking balls, playing in the cubby house and making lots of different sculptures with the large foam blocks. Matilda loved walking under the bridge that we made.

Have a great afternoon everyone, see you all again soon

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖