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Good Afternoon Families


We have all had a great day today with lots of fun learning adventures.
We all started our day in b1 and b2’s area, all enjoying the lovely morning as we joined in with our neighbours exploring their outdoor area playing with balls, truck, buses and cars. After a yummy alfresco morning tea we said goodbye to our friends and transitioned back to our room.

We all enjoyed being back in our room, Zac thought it was so much fun being pushed around on the bike by his friends Jaxon and Annie. We then all had fun moving and grooving along with some Wiggles songs, adding some balloons made it even more exciting as we all hit the balloons into the air giggling with our friends as the balloons floated back down and we would run and kick them, thinking the noise of the balloons as we kicked them was hilarious.

Goop was our group time activity today, with all our little learners enjoying this wonderful messy sensory experience. Zac was a little hesitant at first and watched his friends from afar, but with a little encouragement Zac to enjoyed the gooey sticky and very unusual texture.Jaxon loved the goop so much he decided to rub it all over his arm, face and hair. Annie was being super adventurous and began to mix the two colours together enjoying watching the gooey mixture swirl together making beautiful rainbow colours.


We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon.

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo