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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning experiences.

We all were super excited when we walked into our Babies Three yard this morning to find a cubby house for us to explore. Thank you Mr Peter!!
We played peek a boo! Screaming with delight as we peeked through the windows of our cubby at our friends. A lovely little picnic in our cubby along with a great place to have a quiet read.

During our group time activity today we enjoyed creating a plane using  glitter paper, felt and cardboard. This activity was based on The children’s interest with planes. All our little learners love running to the fence when they here a plane, looking to the sky to find it. All the colours of the materials used for this activity were colours we have been learning over the past couple of months. Also developing our sensory awareness by using a variety of textured collage materials. This was such a fun learning experience, which all the children enjoyed.

Following up on this sensory experience we read and looked through a touch and feel book called “Brown Bear”.

This week is Science Week! Tomorrow we will be involved in a fun learning activity. Which will be a reflection on our colours and cause and effect experiences. We  are so excited to see our little learners reactions. Also we will explore some scented playdough of red and green.

Thank you all for an amazing day! See you all again soon.

Enjoy your afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️