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Good Afternoon Families

Today we have been happily exploring both our indoor and outdoor area.

Using the big foam blocks Zac set about making a magnificent obstacle course moving the blocks this way and that for him to climb and balance on, soon his friend Carter joined him with other ideas and began stacking blocks one on top of another for them to crash down, screaming and clapping  in delight as they ran through them.
Our other little friends busied about riding bikes, kicking balls, chasing bubbles, and hiding from their friends in the circus tent.

As we sang our transition song our little bubbas moved towards the door to the bathroom to wash their hands before going inside. Today at group time Miss Shafagh read us a book about a Twinkling Star, we all sat so beautiful as we listened and looked at the pictures. We all then sang and done the actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Incy Wincy Spider, Open Shut Them and Row Row Row Your Boat.

Our little learners have been very interested in sand play, so to extend on this sensory experience I placed Placed Kinect sand of pink and blue on to tray and then added spoons, cups and sand moulding shapes. Some of our little learners happily moved their hands through the sand enjoying the texture. We encouraged them to pick the sand up and squeeze it in the hands to make shapes and then watch as it trickled through their fingers. Birdie, Carter and Zac filled the moulds with the magical sand and with some help from Miss Shafagh they made lots of shapes and castles, we then added spoons and sea shells for them to explore the sand with.

While our little ones enjoyed the sand our littlest members of babies three enjoyed exploring our loose part activities on the mat. They were very interested in the posting boxes and construction table. Pip,Isla and Jaxon shared their interest posting coloured sticks, blocks and lids into the recycled containers. Meanwhile their little friend Matilda sat near by at the construction table moving and banging the wooden materials, nuts, bolts, blocks and sticks over the table.

Musical instruments, puppets, cars and trucks, home corner, stacking rings and cups also have been popular, all these fun activities have helped to build social skills and language development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.

We have all had a super fun day, see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo