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Good Afternoon Families

Our little learners have been so happy and super busy today, and going on many adventures together.

Our art activity today was an extension from our interest in farm animals. We had so much fun with this sensory and fine motor skill experience. We used a thick brush to spread the very sticky glue onto a paper plate then we added yellow collage paper and sunflower seeds to our glue using our pincer grip and small gross motor to pick the materials up and press them onto the plate. Dah Dah!!! our master piece is done, what beautiful sunflowers we have created to add to our farm display. All the children really enjoyed this learning activity.

During our group time I placed all the farm animal puppets on the mat  and asked each of our very clever little learners to choose a puppet then I would ask what animal is that and what noise does it make. Sometimes the cow might say Baaaaaaa!! Or the horse would say woof woof!!! Little tricksters ? We had so many laughs during this learning experience. We ended our group time by singing and clapping along to Old Mac Donald Had A Farm.

Loads of fun exploring our outdoor area today, with Birdie and Pip enjoying hiding in the tent and running out with lightning speed to chase their friends. Home corner was busy as all our little friends enjoyed role playing. Annie busily rocked her baby to sleep in the cot, while Carter bustled around in the little kitchen ( master chief in the making) then it was Annie and Carters turn to see if the cot was comfy enough for their babies they decided to climb in and check it out. Jaxon took his baby for a walk to the park in the stroller waving and saying bye bye to Annie and Carter. Zac and Matilda happily shared their interest with the alphabet blocks, stacking one on top of the other. Zac had to be super quick before Matilda knocked it down, Zac giving a quiet growl would start again, while Matilda gave Zac a cheeky smile. Isla was happily fluttering around moving from one activity to another. First stop bikes then the rocking horses following by the balls. But her favourite being the large foam blocks, running up and down them while I encouraged her by cheering and Clapping. Isla had the biggest smile on her face and was very proud of her achievement Well Done Isla!!
Other activities our little learners were involved in today was discovery bottles, books, moving and grooving to some funky nursery rhymes, bubbles and their absolute favourite our magical Kinect sand using sand moulds, sticks, shells and cookie cutters they enthusiastically set about making some magnificent creations

We have all had a fantastic day, see you all again soon ?

Have a great afternoon everyone ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️