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Good Afternoon Families

We have all been super busy today going on lots of adventures together with our friends. To start our day off we enjoyed some free play with our neighbours in B1 and B2. We slid down slides, played happily with balls and had a little quiet time looking through books. Soon it was time to say good bye to our friends and move back to our room. Thank you for such a fun time and making us feel so welcome.

We all were very excited to start our day, first we sat down to a very yummy morning tea, which all our little friends gobbled down followed with a big drink of water. Before we transitioned outside we all sat on the mat for group time activities, today we sang our good morning song as we rolled the ball to each other, followed by some very enthusiastic dancing from all our friends as we moved our bodies and clapped our hands to Pump It Up and then to some of our favourite Wiggles songs.

We continued on with exploring our recycled boxes that we enjoyed on Wednesday with Annie wanting to draw on them with our crayons Again. Annie being a very big helper passing the crayons out to her friends counting the crayons as she shared them Well done Annie!!!!
Jaxon and Zac
shared their interests with each other as they took the baby dolls for big adventures in the strollers, stopping to enjoy a book with each other on the way.
After a big explore outdoors we transitioned into the bathroom  to wash our hands, then we all sat at the table ready to do some painting. Today we continued on making poppies for our Anzac Day display. Our little learners sitting so nicely ready to begin, everyone enjoyed this very messy but fun experience as they smeared the red paint over the large piece of white paper.

Some indoor adventures then began with Isla busying around in home corner looking after her two babies, popping them in the cot for a sleep, then into the locker baskets for a push around the room.

We sang and danced some more before we settled down to listen to a book and get ready for lunch and a nap.

We have all had such a wonderful day, thank you all for sharing It with us.

See you again soon, have a lovely afternoon everyone

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo