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Good Afternoon Families

Our day has been super adventurous and happy, with all our little learners exploring every inch of our indoor area. Way too hot for outdoor activities, but that didn’t stop us from having fun, we moved our outdoor activities indoors. Bouncy balls, ball pit and trolleys had our little ones full of excitement as they dove into the colourful balls, rolling about and watching them move over their legs and arms. Our trolleys as well were enjoyed as they began to push them around collecting treasures to fill them up, they chose discovery bottles,balls, dolls and blocks.

We continued on today with our Australia Day theme by having the babies be involved in a feather collage. Lots of glue and very sticky feathers that sometimes didn’t want to leave our sticky hands even when we shook our hands vigorously this was a great sensory experience enjoyed by some other’s weren’t too sure about the texture of the feathers. These works of art will magically be turned into cockatoos.

Once again our soft mat with all our recycled items and other loose part activities for the children to discover was very popular, as they opened and shut containers, used biscuit tins for drums, baskets for hats and tissue boxes as post boxes posting a variety of objects and coloured sticks into the opening.

Our littlest members of our family enjoyed some tummy time on our alphabet mat looking at the bright colours of the letters and animals, reaching out trying to grab them. Rolling around in the ball pit and having their  hands and feet Painted then making lots of coloured foot and hand prints on paper which will be used to cover their art books.

A beautiful day with all our friends with loads of fun and learning experiences enjoyed by all.

Don’t forget Aussie Day tomorrow friends, come dressed in your best Aussie outfit and be ready for lots of Aussie Day Fun!! A Gold Coin Donation For Our Fellow Aussies That Have Been Through The Bush Fires Would Be Appreciated. Thank you!

See you all again soon have a lovely afternoon everyone.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo