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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a great day full of fun learning adventures.

Today we continued on our journey of colour recognition. Red being our colour over the last couple of weeks. We have been involved in songs about the colour red, art experiences, sensory experiences and books. Today Annie brought in a variety of red objects to share with her friends. During our group time activity Annie excitedly shared them with her friends. First we read The Wiggles Big Red Car ? book. We were all super excited with this magnificent book, not only was it about The Wiggles all of our favourites, but it also played the music to Big Red Car. All of our little friends were eager to have a turn at pressing  the button and then listening to the music. We all happily jigged around to the tune. Next we looked through a red basket which had lots of interesting red objects in. A red feather which Annie tickled her friends with. A red block, a red fire engine ? a fluffy red Pom Pom, Jaxon really liked the feeling of this. A big Coles truck was Isla’s favourite. A wooden red rattle and a red photo frame, which all the babies enjoyed having their photo taken in. Oh and let’s not forget Miss Deb’s favourite a happy sack, which I was happy to demonstrate my juggling skills. Annie also dressed up for the occasion looking absolutely magnificent in her red Wonder Woman outfit. A big Thank you to Annie and Her Mummy we all really enjoyed Annie’s show and share.

For our art experience today we made Lady Bugs by painting a paper plate red using a dish washing Scourer. All our little friends loved the sensory experience as they touched the scourer with their hands, I would then ask them what the texture felt like. Is it hard or soft? Rough or Smooth? We then used a small round sponge on a stick to put dots of black paint onto the red. Some decided they wanted to paint stripes not dots, that’s ok we can have stripey Lady Bugs I told them.

During our group time activity we listened to our book called The Rainbow Race, asking everyone to point to the colour red on the pages. We sang a song about a Lady Bird, looked at colour flash cards,  some of our little learners recognising the colours. Well Done!! We also learnt a new transition song about colours. Clapping our hands I would say a colour and we looked at our clothes to see if we had that colour on, if we did we would stand up and give Miss Deb a High Five  then move inside for our lunch. We all really enjoyed this transition song.

Loads of fun with our friends during both our indoor and outdoor adventures. Bikes, balls, blocks, dolls, trolleys, puppets, cognitive toys.

We have all had a wonderful day, bye for now ?

Have a great afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️