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Good afternoon families and friends and welcome to our wonderful Thursday!

We have had a special day today. our day began playing and exploring with our friends. After washing hands we had yummy morning tea which was lots of fruits and delicious cake. This was just what we needed to give us enough energy for our happy day.

Our art activity today was wall painting. As painting and drawing is one of our little friends hobbies, we extend this from table to the wall. We used crayons and children chose their favorite colors to extend their skills and create their art on a paper. It was so interesting to see their excitements and joys while they were drawing.

During the day children had lots fun playing with cognitive toys, mimicking the sound of animals on the table, following bubbles to pop them, building towers with soft obstacles and wrecking them and of course rowing the boat.

We hope you all have a wonderful evening and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you

Miss Shafagh and Miss Aurelie