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Good Afternoon Families

Today we busily set out on some grand and wonderful adventures. Watching butterflies flutter amongst the trees in the car park, our little friends became very excited pointing at them and squealing with excitement. Zac, Annie and Carter marched up and down the obstacle course playing follow the leader, then on the bike Zac scrambled taking off around the yard with Carter following blowing loads of pretend bubbles from his bubble wand Weeeeee!!!!! Annie stopped to visit her friends Birdie and Pip in the circus tent where they were all cosied  up together looking at books. Matilda happily rolled around on the activity mat reaching out for the toys Pip and Birdie placed in front of her. Matilda is always ready for a photo shoot, smiling so big when she sees us with the IPad Cheeeeeeese!!!!
Little Isla has been showing all her friends her walking feet today,moving around ever so happy and confident We’ll done Isla!!! Jaxon was super happy sitting at the table stacking the duplo blocks with his little friend Isla and Miss Deb, Miss Deb counting the blocks as they stacked them, then clapping when they tumbled down. Then starting all over again this time saying the colours

Today following up on the children’s interest with the butterflies ? and sensory experiences we used a variety of pretty coloured paint and tickly  brushes to paint their feet, talking to them about butterflies, explaining that their feet were going to make wonderful butterflies. Some of our little learners enjoyed the experience of the cold paint, others were okay with the paint but not liking the feeling of cleaning the paint from between their toes.
This morning some of our little friends had a play in B1 and B2’s outdoor area were Jaxon and Carter enjoyed taking turns at sliding down the slide.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning activities.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo