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Good Afternoon Families

Hello and welcome to our day here in Babies 3. We have been doing a variety of fun activities acknowledging our Indigenous peoples during Reconciliation week. All the children have Enjoyed listening to Aboriginal Dreamtime music while we all sit together having our lunch . For our art experience today we used thick brushes and a variety of colours to paint multi cultural paper dolls, everyone was super excited and eager to start. Before we sat down for our yummy lunch we enjoyed listening to Miss Shafagh read us a story about Steam Trains.

During our outdoor adventures today we had so much fun sharing our interests with our friends as we chased bubbles, built with the alphabet blocks, played with large bouncy balls and dug, raked and filled buckets and containers with sand in our sand pit. Our hand puppets and cognitive toys also being of interest as they engaged in play with their peers, trying the puppets on their hands, and excitedly showing their friends. making  the noises of each animal. Birdie thought she was hilarious as she showed Miss Deb the tiger puppet roaring loudly and giggling when Miss Deb jumped with fright. Pip also wanting a bit of the action and quickly placed the cow puppet on her hand chasing after Miss Deb Mooooooing loudly.

Matilda has been very interested in all the noisy and cognitive toys. Our discovery bottles always her favourite  picking each one up and giving it a shake, preferring the ones that made the loudest sounds. Cause and effect toys also being enjoyed by Matilda today, pushing the buttons to see the animals pop up and then looking for a little help with a little growl when they wouldn’t open for her.

Carter and Annie were very excited when they seen the playdough on the table for them to explore and quickly sat down placing rocks and sticks into the soft squishy dough. Annie decided  it would be interesting to add some containers she found in the play kitchen and set about cooking up lots of yummy play dough food in the pots and pans. Carter thought it looked good enough to eat but soon realised it was way too salty.

Zac was busy in home corner happy pottering around in the little kitchen, putting on his oven mits before starting to cook a yummy pot of soup. Zac concentrates as he places fish, prawns, pear, a dash of lemon and a touch of play dough to the pot then giving it a stir. Yum Yum!!! Birdie then arrived for a visit and gave the soup a taste test.

Play dough, connector blocks, books, singing and dancing, discovery bags, and stacking rings being of interest with our little learners as they self selected from the shelves during our indoor activities.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning adventures. While  we play we learn to share, we role play everyday tasks our language skills, fine and gross motor skills are being developed and friendships formed as they share their interests with their little friends.

Thank you for sharing our day everyone. Have a great afternoon ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️